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With the help of progressive technologies such as cell phones, web blogs, MXit, MySpace.com, Technorati, de.licio.us, Socialight and others; everyone suddenly has the ability to comment, track, write, listen and read about what other people think about your brand.

Suddenly we're all connected in these conversations, and word-of-mouth, or viral, marketing is a hot topic that everyone wants for their brand, but ultimately few understand.

While all these technologies have proliferated over the last 5 years, we have seen numerous books, articles and so-called experts appear, describing the technologies as silver bullets. Few of them have, however, focused on how we get people to talk to each other and promote your products or services.

Ultimately, these technologies are all a means to an end, and not an end in themselves; You Know Who believes that effective marketing essentially starts with a good service or product, and then based on those attributes, you can build great stories.

Too many companies have lost relevancy in the world today; they start 'building' an experience that their product or service can never fulfil, because it never had certain attributes from the start.

You Know Who specialises in creating reasons for consumers to have a conversation and spreading the word about your brand; that will lead to other consumers talking about and recommending your products and services.

We then make use of mobile and Internet technologies, in combination with your traditional media, to allow for this word-of-mouth, viral marketing
to take place.


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